After a long hectic day at the office and a tiring drive back home, you just want to have a relaxing shower and a cup of coffee watching your favorite TV show.

But all your eggs will be broken when you get home and push the button of the remote to open the garage door so that you can park your car easily and go home to have a wonderful evening. Your garage door does not open, what will do. You push the button repeatedly in frustration to operate the garage door but to no avail. The immediate action you will have to take is to call a professional garage door expert such as Dayton garage door repair company to help you in this regard.

In such situations, most people prefer to call a professional technician right away. How about you, I advised, taking a look at the problem first before you take a cellphone and quickly make a call to the nearest garage door dealer. Maybe, it is not as a critical issue as you imagine it is and you can handle it all on your own. Don’t forget that you were provided with a user’s manual the day of your garage door installation which has effective troubleshooting directions. Definitely, it is the first thing you will be looking at.  Let me explain what else you can do about your malfunctioning garage door.

  • Remote failure is the most common issue behind the malfunctioning garage door. It is good to always have a space device with you so that you can determine if the problem lies with the remote control or something else.
  • If your remote control looks to be good, you should inspect the sensors which received the signals from the remote. Make sure that they are not converted by dust or anything else so that the signals of smooth transmission cannot be blocked. 
  • Once you have observed the remote, inspect the rollers and hinges on which garage door runs to make sure that they are properly cleaned and lubricated. It is a simple but complex problem which makes the matters worse slowly and steadily. In the end, you will have to pay hundreds of dollars for repairs.
  • Also, examine all the cables and wires to make sure that they are connected properly and there are no mismatched or loose wires. A clear indication of this problem is the stuck garage door in the middle of the path. The garage door could fluctuate and stop in the middle to opening or closing path.
  • The mounting brackets of tracks should be placed at their place. Over time, they can become loose and can cause improper opening or closing of the garage door. You can fix the issue by simply tightening the screw, nuts, and bolts inside the mounting brackets.
  • Garage door tracks may get dents or bent out of shape. If you have an old version of the garage door and it has been a while since you had it maintained, then it is a common problem. Use a hammer to get back them in shape. Be careful and you hot it too hard.
  • The last and important part which you should check is the torsion springs. They are responsible to control the garage door while opening and closing. They are installed on the top of the garage’s opening to pull the heavyweight of a garage door. They are placed under an extreme amount of pressure. Remember, these are the dangerous parts and you need to call a garage door specialist unless you have the required tools and skills.